Saturday, October 26, 2019

May 2019 - More than a weekend lost.

Once May came the snow finally melted and things started to grow.  I spent some time looking at thrift stores and trying to figure out what all I had to do. Opening the house,  going through mail piled in bunches not only in the house, but the camper and both cars.  Once I had it organized and sorted, I developed a plan to get things in her name off or transferred.  That was going to take time. 

Took time to watch sunrises and sunsets, Scouted some areas nearby where I might install geocaches. 

On the 9th, we (Gypsy and I) drove to Eliza's.  On the 10th was the VFW's state conference.  The Auxiliary had their own meeting that I sat in on.  They did a presentation for Laurie and gave me a Star Blanket made by a local Native tribe, and a blanket for Eliza, also.  It was a nice event.

The next day was Dash's birthday and Eliza baked him a cake. 

We still get a lot of deer in the yard.

How she rides in the car

This came in the mail from the nurses in El Centro

One year old

Out my kitchen window

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