Monday, September 24, 2018

September 6th - Montana, again

When we first moved to North Dakota, we were taken by the beauty of Montana.  We said that if we didn't like North Dakota and didn't want to go to New Hampshire, we would try Montana.  Since we've been traveling, we are almost always traveling the same highway seeing the same sights.  Last trip home and this trip, thankfully, the route has changed enough to offer some new sights even though it means more actual miles in Montana.  Instead of taking a left at Butte and going south on I-15, we continued on I-94/90.  This takes us through Missoula.  We'll have to come through here again because there a lot of cool little towns worth seeing.  We stopped for dinner just past Missoula in a little town called Deer Lodge.  There a lot of buildings from the mining and logging heydays of the  1880s.  The town shows a lot of pride in it's history by trying to refurbish and preserve them.

Amazing hand-carved counter