Monday, March 26, 2018

March 13th - A night out in Mexicali !!!

The streets of Mexico

A couple of Laurie's nurse friends, and all three of us husbands went down to Mexicali for a fun night.  It's amazing I can still hear.  We drove down to Calexico and parked our cars at the border crossing.  We walked across the border and caught a cab to a nice Brazilian steak house called Mr. Pampas. We sat at the table and ordered drinks and then attacked the buffet.  There is no meat on the buffet, because guys come around with hot meats of various kinds on spits and shave off what you want.  All the food was great, and they also had roasted pineapple that they shave off the spit.

After filling ourselves, we caught more cabs and went to a dance place called Cantina Boston.  There are actually three different places there.  The first is called "Shots"and it's just a bar for doing shots.  They will line up your group's shot glasses on the bar and pour the alcohol liberally and make sure to spill.  They they light the whole set and let it flame down.  Then they pass out the warmed shots.  We did a couple and went next door to the Cantina where the music was much too loud.  We drank beers, danced around and had a great time.  The third place there is just a more upscale tavern for the business crowd.

We caught cabs back to the border and made our way to our cars.  This was our first trip to Mexicali.

Not in Kansas anymore

It took a lot of willpower to stay out.

Our dinner destination

Alfredo, Joanna, Jacy, Amy, Laurie, Myself


$1 US dollar to 17.6 Pesos

The cantina

Flaming shots