Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 7th - Dave and Daphne

In the world of music, there are often performers who aren't the total legends we always think of, but still have their own accomplishments. These people are the type who make the "big" people successful. Through their talent, dedication to their craft, and such great loving personality, they make the world of music work.  We were privileged to see Dave and Daphne perform.

We arrived and hoped for yet another great show at the Buckboard Cafe.  We sat in the front table and waited patiently.  Dave was on the stage getting ready and when he had a second to sit, he did.  He sat across from us and we got engaged in conversation.  What a great guy!! Big heart and passion.

The show started and they quickly showed us the level of ability they have.  They completely owned the night.  Daphne was a great singer having been an accomplished gospel and country singer and Dave played his guitars as well as anybody.. We somehow formed a bond with these two great people.  I hope we can reconnect someday with them again.  This is a show you want to see over and over. (And I love his Strat)

Visit their website: https://www.daveanddaphne.com/

Yeah, "Flight of the Bumblebee" Awesome

Great people

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