Saturday, March 17, 2018

February - March. Hanging out at the Rio

The tissue box is empty
No coffee for my cream
Dogs howl in the alley
Crazy women scream
Some kids shout from there pick up truck
There stoned on life and beer
Fifty radios playing in this street
But I'm still hardly here
Exquisitely bored in California
We take our trouble to the Crest
Exquisitely bored in California
Exquisitely bored, Just like all the rest

- Peter Townshend

Days seem to run together, but we still have fun.  We often meet people who have been around us all year and you  unexpectedly become friends. There is a lot of beauty here, between the grounds and the amazing sunrises and sunsets.  So, I wander around and let things catch my eye..

The old bridge


Lazy kitty

New Friends

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