Sunday, December 24, 2017

August 18th - Last post about Oak Creek RV "Resort"

We finally came to the end of our time in Flynn Springs.  In the final analysis, the park wasn't all that bad overall.  The workers kept the grounds very clean and well kept.  The spaces were a bit small.  Also, the organization that owns the park charge for everything they possibly can.  They were even charging us for our cat which never left our camper.  I can understand an apartment building charging because of possible property damage, but since the camper was ours, was no reason for it.  Also, the spaces were pretty small.  we had to rent a separate parking spot because we couldn't park next to our camper and still get in the door.

Since we only had the one vehicle, I was glad the bus ran right past us and straight to the trolley station.  I was able to ride a couple of times to be able to meet her when she got off work and we wanted to go somewhere without her having to drive all the way to the campground first.

We paid the bill and hooked up the fifth wheel, and headed over the hill to the Imperial Valley.

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This artist was down the road

Morning fog creeping over the hill

Woodland area


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