Saturday, July 1, 2017

May 25th - Thursday - TAPS - Arrivals


This is the day when most of the attendees come in.  There was a buffet breakfast where we met a few people.  We met one couple, Michael and Dianne and clicked very well into a great friendship. After breakfast, we went to our Peer Mentor training.  They are also peer mentors.  We put in a hour or so at the information table helping people get to where they needed to go.

There is a corner of the lobby which has been claimed by the North Dakota Group.  This year it was being used for a number of functions and w had to find new places to meet.  Our group being a tight group as we are, always have an opening meeting, a closing meeting, and gatherings for getting to the various after-hours events.

Lots of helloes to friends from the state as they came in, That night, after our training, we and Jeremiah went out for dinner.  We don't travel too much around Arlington when we are there because we are without vehicles.  Now that we are users of Uber and Lyft, we can do more.  We went to the downtown area of Arlington and had a great time despite the drizzle.  Found a couple of great craft pubs, had some good food and brews and got to know Jeremiah.

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