Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End of April - 20th to 30th

We got home and opening the house.  It's like opening a package when you don't know who sent it.  We have to check for running mice, broken pipes,  and whatever damage might have happened from the winter without heat.

Did not see mice running around.  there was evidence, but not too  much.  When I got the water on, the only new leak was at a fitting on the cold water feed to the washer.  I'll need to tighten that up.  I had installed a valve during a previous repair, so I can shut off that flow in between washes.  The dishwasher started to fill with water when the water was turned on.  It shouldn't do that.  It must be a bad solenoid.  Toilets are both okay and all in all good news.  There weren't even any ew problems under the porch with the yard faucets.

The heater wasn't working quite right.  We had to call out the heat/air guys.  They had to replace the old gas burner set a the breakers for the electric.

Lawn mower started, motorcycle started, and my weed whacker started.  Haven't tried the chainsaw yet.  I'll look at the dishwasher and I'll need to order that motor for the dryer.

We started back to work as well.  She at her home hospital and me back at Bee's.

Home, Sweet, Home

ND sunset

Welcome home. "Oh, you thought the snow was over?"

Gypsy meets snow

Lilacs are waking up.

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