Monday, May 15, 2017

April 2nd - After the fools

Had a couple of days in San Diego now that our truck was running right.  We took an afternoon to see Ocean Beach.  We really didn't get out there too many times this year.  Parked on Newport about four blocks from the beach, in front of Culture Brewing.  They usually have a good selection though too many IPAs for my taste.  Culture is a place that has art work on the walls by a particular local artist.  Nice big and open room, lounge chairs, and a bar across the front with the front wall open, so it's like a patio and you can watch people walking by.

We left there and went to Belching Beaver, a brewery out of Vista, CA.  They have  3 or 4 places in the county.  This was our third one visited.  Pretty nice.

A quick walk down the street to Helms.  We'd never been there before and enjoyed a couple of tasters.  They had an okay Irish Stout on nitro and a passable Dopple Bock.  They also showcase local art talent.  On display were paintings of various comic book and sci-fi heroes. 

We continued down to the beach to visit one of our favorite restaurants, Shades.  Shades is closed and the owners are converting it to a new place called San Diego Surf Club.  We had some appetizers there before heading home for the day. 
It was a warm cloudless day and the crescent moon could be seen hazily in the sky.

A great day for cruisin'

Helm's Brewing

Local art

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