Friday, January 20, 2017

January 6, 2017 - In-Ko-Park Road

On a trip to San Diego, we stopped at the Desert View Tower.  We had the cat in the truck and had to leave the truck running, so we didn't have a lot of time.  We checked it out, asked some questions and took a few pictures.  we'll be returning to get a fuller look, later.

There had been an old road that ran through the mountains to the valley.  When they put in a modern road, it cut across the old road.  Bert Vaughn got the credit for the design of the new road and he built the desert tower as a monument to the workers who built the road.

You take the exit for In-Ko-Pah park road, which comes up pretty suddenly on the winding mountain roads.  Then a drive up a long road to the park area.  We passed by a place with a house, several RVs, and lots of junk. (Did I just see a flying saucer?)  The tower park has great views of the surrounding lands.  Admission is only $6.50, but as stated, no time. There are some "caves".  The attendant, said it's really mostly a walk through rocks.  In there, a number of early native wall drawings can be seen.  I'm sure the view from the actual tower is great.  We took pictures from the "lobby" and found out that the guy down the road is a bit of a hoarder.  Apparently, he filled his house with collectables, bought an RV, filled it, bought another, filled it. and on and on.  Interesting.

A visitor

Oh, it was a flying saucer!!

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