Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 21st- Social Cycle

We used a Groupon and met with Linda and Tim to experience the Social Cycle.  The Social Cycle is a type of wagon/drink table that is on wheels.  Customers sit around the table and pedal bicycle pedals to power the cycle.  The Host of the cycle steers and brakes and generally guides us through the tour.

This particular package consisted in making stops at two different breweries in the North Park area, and ending up at a tavern where the cycle tour started.

We were running late, but managed to get there soon enough.  The bike itself is a bit cumbersome to get up onto.  In fact, at one point Laurie took a fall and twisted her ankle.  They need to find a better design on this.  We had our two friends as well as about five other young girls and the driver.  There was no drinking on the cycle, but that was okay. 

Our first stop was at the local taphouse of Belching Beaver.  Their brewery is up north in Vista, Ca.  We had 45 minutes to have a couple of brews before moving on.  It was very busy there.  We had a Italian Sausage from a food truck outside that looked like a hot dog (like the famous Oscar Meyer one, but a little cheesier). It wasn't very good.

We moved on and headed north.  up to Poor House Brewing.  They have a good size selection of brews, including 5 different porters.  I got a flight of the five porters.  A couple were okay, but not that impressive.

After that, we peddled on down to our beginning spot.  A tavern on University Ave, Called U-31.  We had little interest in a regular bar, and walked down to Mike Hess Brewing and had some great beers there.

t was a good bunch of fun, but we decided the ride wasn't really worth the price.

The Shaffers

The cycle

Poor House Brewing

Mike Hess brewing

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