Wednesday, February 3, 2016

December 31st - New Years Eve.

Late post. Hah! late and out of order.  Who cares?

New Years eve, our friend and new wife, Shandy called us and invited us to party on NYEve.  The location was a little place in Lakeside called Eastbound.  They were having a costume night with the theme being 80s high school prom.

We were expecting the group to be Shandy and her husband and the two of us.  We got there ahead of her and met two ladies who were also waiting for her.  Shandy showed up with a girl friend, and the group was the five women and myself.

Eastbound offers a number of local craft brews and appetizers.  There was a DJ playing 80s music and the servers were all dressed up.  We felt the garb was more like 80s MTV videos rather than what they wore in high school, especially to prom, but it was fun and we had a great time.

Our party
Our lovely and fun server.

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