Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 3rd - I went shooting. First time

Micah and I finally connected on an idea we've had for a few years.  That was for him to take me shooting.  I've never shot a gun before and really wanted to experience that.  He picked me up and took me to an indoor range he frequents.  Gave me instructions on safety and off we were.  A sig Sauer 9mm equipped with hollow points.  I expected a greater kick and thought my initial shots would go high due to the kick.  The target was set at 15 feet and I surprised myself as my shots actually dropped.  It wasn't a long experience, but I had a great time as well as a very experienced and good teacher.  Thanks, Micah.

After this adventure was done, I went to Susan's and spent a couple of hours playing chess with Micah's boy, Seth.  More fun, great kid.

The hit at the bottom of he bulls eye was my first shot ever.

Siggy nine

First sht hit the 9 mark. next few all hit center mass.  Then he suggested I try for a head shot.

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