Thursday, September 19, 2019

April 10th - Laurie Jayne McGlone

Like an old abandoned ferriswheel

Time for me is standin' still

And it's you and me in mid July
Underneath the midway lights
And all our friends are standing there
So I was actin' like I didn't care
When you put your arms around my neck
And I barely even kissed you back

But if I'd have known it was the last time

I'da held on a little longer
And let that moment linger
And never let your fingers slip away from mine
If I'da known there'd never be another day
I'da watched you as you walked away
And kept you in my eyes till you were out of sight
If I, If I'da known it was the last time

Last Time - Lee Ann Womack

This is the post I've been dreading to write.

38 years ago, a little girl with flaming red hair and a personality that could fill a room, stepped out of a orange Fiat, and without knowing who this girl was, I felt my heart, soul, and life would never fulfill the possibilities without her.  For about 6 years or so, I tested that.  Luckily, she came back into my life and I found the one person God put on the earth for me.

We raised a family of two boys and one girl, struggled with finances, faith, teenagers, and sometimes each other.  We moved to North Dakota to get our feet under us.   This beautiful soulw ent back to school at 39 and became an RN, eventually getting her BSN.  She settled into a career of OB nursing and found a calling.  Eventually, she started working for medical travel companies and we traveled the country.

The lowest spot for us was the death of our oldest, Jeremiah in 2006 outside of Baghdad.  Through luck and God's hand we got our way into the TAPS family and it helped.  The travelling helped us spend more time in California with her mom and dad,sisters, our niece, husband, and kids.  Not to mention my family, too.

I got to see the house in New Hampshire where she grew up, We were able to tour NYC and Boston and we were able to take one cruise together.

Watching her with Eliza's five kids was heartwarming beyond belief.  We had friends.  Some came from her and some from me, but she and I were a "We".

In the last year, she was struggling with some health issues, but she seemed to be just looking for a solution.  She saw her doctor regularly and everything.  On April 9th, she finished the last shift of her contract in El Centro.  She started having seizures and died the next night.  I am devastated as are all our family and friends. She was buried in Ramona, Ca next to her son and dad.

Oh, She loved Lilacs.

"May the love be what you remember most" - Darcie Simms

A kid at 16

My Love



Alexander (just turned 21)  and Kay-Cee

Tom, Susan, Ginny, Laurie, and Laurie's mom, Ruth

Laurie Graduates

Nephew Travis

Her Dad, Ralph

Sister Susan

Then Govenor, now Senator from North Dakota, John Hoevan and wife Mikey

Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Ca

San Diego Wild Animal Park

First trip back for me to San Diego

Helmet diving in St. Maarten


And she loved flowers.

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