Saturday, September 28, 2019

April 17th - We go to Jail

Quickly I want to make a correction.  Two posts ago, I posted about my brother and me.  I incorrectly stated the date as the 16th, it was the 15th.

April 17th.  Eliza, Dash, and I went downtown to visit Seaport Village.  The trolley takes about and hour and a half, but it gave us time together to talk.

Downtown across a parking lot which used to be a street is the old San Diego Police Station.  On the other side is Seaport village.  The station was decommissioned in 1994.  It is now a museum.  We walked through it and toured the small group of holding cells.  Some of them are in an outside corridor.  In the back, there are a couple of shops like a Starbucks.

We crossed the parking lot and entered Seaport Village.  Small open shops, garden walkways, a pond, and then the harbor.

We didn't buy much, but it was an old fond memory for Eliza.  At one point, I'm sitting on a bench with Dash, looking at the pond, and I noticed a splotch of white in a tree.  There is a large white bird just hanging around in the branches.  I tried to identify it, and I think it is a snowy egret.  Linda Schafer will let me know if I'm wrong.

Outside on the street is a plaque denoting Dead Men's Point. Here is a link that talks about it. Cool.

Wonderful afternoon.  I was able to pick up a geocache, too!

Market Street

Old Police Station

The Cells

Former inmates

Out back. A contrast between historic and modern architecture

Little tourist

Seaport Village pond. There's a geocache here, somewhere.

Snowy Egret?

Eliza and her kids.

Historic plaque

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