Monday, April 4, 2016

March 25 - April 1st - This week

Needed to fly to North Dakota to help out our daughter.  So the last week or so has not been very eventful.  Left a sunny San Diego only to land in Fargo where it was snowing.  It hasn't snowed since though there has been some rain.  It's March so the weather is unsettled.  It was warm a few days and has been cold some, too.  We got to do an Easter egg hunt and they got buckets rather than baskets. Jeremiah started back to school this week, and the kiddos are not taking rigorous naps except Corby really needs them.  I'm just trying to provide some additional structure and consistency in their lives.

Chicago O'Hare. As usual, landing and departure gates were far apart and I had little time.  Made it, though.

Selfie with the kiddos as we leave the airport.  You can see it's snowing.

Easter Morning

Nap time.  

A lunch tale

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