Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6th, 1985 - Hero's Birthday

Thirty-one years ago, a boy was born. It would be almost 4 years before he became a solid part of my life.  He grew up a fine man.  A leader, and a fierce friend.  We miss him constantly and I constantly see his effect on the personalities of his brother and sister.

I Remember

I remember chasing him around our apartment building and catching him and us falling into a giggling pile.

I remember I remember his often battles with his brother until I told them, "Friends come and go, you two are family.  You two have to be there for each other."  They took it to heart and they were a pair from then on.  For better or worse.

I remember T-ball, soccer, hockey, and football.

I remember watching him grow from a wannabe punk to a strong warrior for God.

I remember getting a tattoo with him.

I remember playing pool with him.

I remember teaching him chess, playing it with him.  His favorite piece was the knight.

I remember going to Promise Keepers with him.  and Newsboys concerts, and Spirit Fest.  His excitement over the band, Skillet.

I remember his graduation from boot camp.

I remember and still have his beat-up Ford Ranger.

I remember many struggles, tears, joy, Christmases, fun, love, pride, successes, and most of all, I boy who wanted to be a hero, who was never embarrassed to kiss his mother in from of his friends, even in high school.

I don't have to remember much, he is with me everyday.  And I miss him.

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah.

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