Saturday, December 8, 2018

December 1st or so...

We drove over the hill to San Diego. We spent a few days at Nana's.  Had a rousing game night at John's.  Saturday, we had the family Thanksgiving dinner.  Too much food, but it was all great. 

That night, after everybody else went home, Seth and Gabriel stayed around and we played Magic with them.   Great kids.

On the third, my sister had yet another birthday, so Happy Birthday to her. 

The weather was bad this weekend.  San Diego got a lot of rain.  None fell in the desert.  After all was done, we drove home and got settled in.  Laurie had work and then we got our rain.  Everything became a mess out here.

I walked around the park the day before and took pictures mostly in areas I hadn't gone to before..  Then I took some in between the two big showers we had. The golf course was really green and the lighting due to the rain clouds was great.

Canyon between the park and the New River. I-8 in the distance.


The pond from the west end

Historic farm equipment on display

The New River


There used to be a bridge here.

Storm clouds

Morning rainbow

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