Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Sample

Passing through Montana on our way to California January 2014
Virgin River Gorge on I-15 in Arizona
 I am married to an amazing woman. She has a career that allows her to travel and spend three months or more in whatever location she desires.  I am semi-retired and I travel with her working when I can.  We purchased a small travel trailer in 2015 in California.  We drove it back to our home in North Dakota. Last Fall, we took our first trip as RVers.  We went out I-94 through North Dakota, caught I-90 in Montana, down to I-25 to go through Colorado Springs.  We spent a few days in Colorado Springs visiting old friends, and headed south to New Mexico where we caught I-40 west.  We finally hooked up to I-15 at Victorville, California to finish our trip to Santee in San Diego County.  This is an example of our trips back and forth.  We've been to the east and west coasts, passing through many states.  we have seen some amazing things.

Currently, we have been pulling our trailer with a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  It makes it, but it is hard on the car.  We're hoping to move up to a three quarter ton pickup and then won't be as stuck on Interstates.  This blog was started so I can chronicle our trips.
Garden of the Gods. Colorado Springs, Co. Sept. 2014 
Sunset at Santee Lakes Campground. Santee Ca Jan. 2015

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