Friday, October 4, 2019

April 22nd - The drive home

It was the 22nd and Alex, Eliza, and Dash had gone home.  Brett and I drove to El Centro to hook up the fifth wheel and get it home.  Rather than drag the beast over Mt. Laguna and suffer the California traffic, we headed east to Yuma and turned north up past Quartzite to Las Vegas where we caught I-15 and continued that way.  The back hwys of Arizona were their own challenges.

We drove, slept, drove and made it home quickly.  I grabbed a geocache on the way.

When we got to the farm late at night, we just parked the whole rig in front of the barn.  I freed the Jeep from the garage and drove Brett home to Moorhead.

It would be a couple of weeks before I felt like parking the camper where I wanted it and unhooked the truck.

Weather was typically gloomy but little snow left.  It snowed in the next couple of days but that didn't last.  Now comes the adjustment of being on this big property by myself.

Looks nervous

The clods here were very strange.  It looks like a tidal wake about to engulf the town, but we were in the mountains

Rest stop for a geocache

Hiding place

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