Thursday, June 7, 2018

April 24th - The Grandkids at Awanas

Okay, let's get started again Getting settled in and all takes time and it's been hard to get back on the laptop.

Many years ago, because of the ages of our kids, the wife and I were "leaders" in our local Awanas program. Awanas is a program that teaches kids the bible and how faith applies to their lives.  The kids get badges and awards through memorization of key biblical verses.  The leaders are like teachers who discuss the verses and listen to the kids as they prove they have memorized the verses.  At the end of each awana year, there is a ceremony program where the kids show the parents what they've learned and receive their awards.  We went to Eliza's family's church in Fargo and attended the program.  The kids are so cute and I'm very proud of them.

They had ice cream afterwards.

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