Friday, January 6, 2017

January 1st 2017 - Rio Bend

We've settled in here in the valley.  Quiet farm community. 

Our camper is placed in an RV and Golf resort park.  I walked around and took a few pictures.  We have a flock of geese that wander around the small lake and seem to have rounds they do, as they are always in the same places at certain times.  There are lots of activities going on here in the park, and all the things you'd need for comfortable living.  Full Hookups, cable TV, Wi-Fi, A nice clean laundry and a gym. 

This is probably one of the nicest places we've been.  The spaces are wide and roomy, and especially ours as we are in a corner lot and have even more than the rest.  Now we just have to get plugged into the local activities more.  Shuffleboard, anyone?

Farming out here is different than what I've seen.  There are actually crops like cabbage growing right now.  The plots of land are turned and leveled,  Then they lay out irrigation channels.  The crop is planted between the rows and sections of pipe with sprinklers on the end are layed out.  These pipes all connect to a pump system that pulls water from a encircling ditch that is fed from the local canals.  It's just different.

Park entrance.  The roads in this county are horrible.

Our big corner lot.

This part of the park road is apparently owned by these noisy geese

Great sunset one evening at the outdoor bar.

Basic style motif here is antique buckboards and cactus.

Beautiful course

Farming is the desert is a completely different approach than in the northern plains, for sure.

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